Blissful Moment . . . Drawn Inspiration

I am sorry, I could not wait until I got home tonight to share this moment. Here is a mobile entry and my attempt at captivating my audience on the fly.

Being a photographer, (amateur at best with great aspiration of being professionally recognized some day) I am always keen on my surroundings. My love of the lens truly keeps me intimately engaged in the world around me, which absolutely energizes me! This morning I could not help but be drawn to the sunrise . . . the colors, the drama of the sky.

So there I was . . . distracted though I was on schedule to get the kids dropped off and yet my eyes cast to the direction my heart wants to go. To no avail, it was directly opposite of the direction I needed to travel for my day. As I dropped the kids off I was getting further from the gorgeous setting and as I gazed into the review mirror I soaked up the absolute beauty behind me.

As I walked into work I kept searching for a spot I could use the only tool I had at that moment . . . my mobile phone. It is not my Nikon, but it was going to have to do. Then I reminded myself that I should just bring my camera everyday, because there is a spot on the third floor where I can get high enough to get somewhat of an angle that tells a snippet of the emotional story being told in the sky.

Here it is . . . my mobile masterpiece of the morning.


I am sure you can relate . . . being unprepared and trying to make the best of that moment. My best advice –> stop and connect with your inner aspiration in that very moment, because it is within that fuels your burning desire to conquer that moment, that day . . . that dream!

Enjoy your day . . .


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Motherhood Motivations . . . Inspiring the Young Soul

Whew! Today has been one of those days. You know, where you are not sure where it went and then before you know it you are kissing your babies goodnight! As I threw in a load of laundry I pondered my evening. Well, here . . . let me tell you about it.

Evening Reading

Evening Reading

If there is one thing that I am good at, it is goal setting and motivating achievement of the said goals. I extend that practice to my children every chance I get. Having one child who struggles emotionally, I had to come up with an incentive program to promote enthusiasm for efforts of good behavior at school. When you have three children in the home and one with special needs, you start to get creative to make sure everyone feels equally loved and has Momma’s attention. For the child with emotional needs, we see a psychologist who told me that my child’s greatest reward and biggest motivation is time with me. I am the safe haven . . . one-on-one time is what my child holds onto and gains the strength to work through the challenges of the day to day. I have learned that ultimately each one of my children thrive from that very same energy.

Puzzle Madness

Puzzle Madness

So here it is . . . every morning I give each one of my children a goal. These goals are tailored to each child’s strengths as well as the areas of needed focus. Upon achieving the daily goal, they are awarded with “Momma time.” This week each of them picked a specific activity and being only two days in, this week is off with a bang! In general, this program is very effective and I give it all I have . . . even on a day that has been beyond exhausting where work was taxing, I met with a potential client, Dad is tied up with individual activities. I merely dig deep to find the energy necessary to read to one child for the contracted time amount based on the achievements of the day, play Mancala with another child where I accept being beat royally by an 8-year-old, and wrap up the evening with the development of an action plan for a 500-piece puzzle with the third.

Mancala Rivalry

Mancala Rivalry

Some days I take all of this for granted. I am tired, stressed out, or absolved of my patience when the three of them are at each other with the petty offense of picking/tattling on one another. Being a mother is my favorite job! Every day I am given the opportunity to be a teacher, a guidance counselor, a parole officer, a chef, an accountant, a referee, and let’s be honest, that is just the start of the basics when it comes to parenting. In all seriousness though, I love my kids to the fullest and at times I am at fault for taking their unconditional love for granted. Tonight I was humbled while placing their clothes in the washing machine . . . I reflected on my evening and my heart succumbed to this overwhelming sense of adoration for the opportunity to have praised my children’s efforts today. I am their greatest motivator . . . their loudest cheerleader! What a beautiful way to end their evening.

Looking forward to doing this all over again tomorrow


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Leaps of Love . . . A Day of Family

Leaps of Love

Without reservation, this was one of the best candid days that we have had as a family in quite some time. Several moments throughout the day I remember telling myself, “File this memory away! Don’t forget what you were feeling right here, right now” Reflecting back on my experiences moves me in a way that humbles my effort to articulate a written expression tonight.

This morning we went out for breakfast, an adventure that is not routine thought always just that . . . a parenting voyage compelling of sheer bravery. Now that the kids are older they love to read the menu and put together their very own order. To which they personally speak to the server and preface by saying, “Can I please have the . . . “ and concluding with, “Thank you.” I cannot tell you just how proud I am of them when I watch them interact with such politeness. Chalk one up for us!

With our bellies full and the whole day ahead of us, we meandered the backroads. What does this look like for my family? Well – my husband drives with gawking tendencies as he seeks out whatever potential deals, hunting spots, or unknown treasures he can find. All the while the kids play I Spy or annoy each other to the point where a referee is required to calm the waters. Me? Well quite often I read. I always travel with a book of some kind. Today I was engrossed with The Unforgettable Photograph by George Lange. As we gander down the road, my love often points out, “Look at that house” or “Did you see that such and such.” For the most part, I look up and take in the sight that he has prompted, but other times I either look up to late or not at all. To which he will say, “You know, you miss so much of life around you.” This morning I flickered back a heartfelt (potentially a heat filled) comment, “No. I do not feel as though I am missing out on life around me. I am learning and enhancing the way I look at the life around me. I am soaking up the added knowledge this book has to offer me at this moment.” The white flag surrendered as he expressed, “I love you.” Later I put the book down and then proceeded to share how I view the world . . . sharing with him the artistic opportunity I see through my lens at any given moment. He smiles when I point out a landscape that I put on the list of future shots, but ultimately it is his smile that I take a snapshot of in my mind.

Upon finding our favorite stop for fresh cheese curds and navigating our way through the uncommon route back to town, we pulled into the parking lot of the local YMCA. The kids bounded out of the car! We were off for a family excursion of activity. First we found our way to the upper track, to which we found the kids going against traffic. After correcting their direction of travel, we set out to walk a mile together. We also played basketball and hung out in the youth lounge with our troops for a while. Our conversation unfolded throughout, but during that time I focused on how I felt in that moment. Spending time with my husband, sharing candid conversation about the kids and our future . . . there are no words for what it is to soak up the presence of your partner. He is my best friend, the absolute love of my life.

The moments that really stood out to me were the luminous smiles while capturing pictures of the kids playing out in the snow, but also the peaceful moment of the boys snuggled up with Dad. Nothing resonates love within the heart more than watching your son look up to a man who chooses to be there for them, to guide them and to love them as if they were his own. Listening to the story they shared was ironic as it talked about having their picture taken and lone behold, there I was . . . melting into the surroundings and capturing an image that will forever be treasured.

My Boys!

. . . moments of motherhood, melt my heart . . .

Today was wonderfully spent as a family. No agendas, no structure . . . just life . . . soaking up the moments while coaching the little ones in basketball, rolling in the snow as the kids were doing cannon balls toward me, and settling in for the night with Storytime. I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!


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